Co-Creating Gender Transformative Technology

A Slush Side Event in collaboration with Plan International and Samsung Nordics. The aim of the workshop was to create new ideas on how technology could reinforce gender equality. The workshop was attended by 20 enthusiasts in technology, NGOs, education and service design. The ideas were later presented in a talk at the Samsung stall at Slush.

December 2019

Salla collaborated with us on a workshop on gender-transformative technology as a facilitator. Her contribution and suggestions were invaluable and granted the success of the initiative. Salla was fully committed and engaged during all phases of the process. The workshop ran smoothly and received praise from all participants. I warmly recommend her to design and run events like ours.

Paola Elefante, Digital Scaling Project Manager, Plan International

The process included creating User Journeys, identifying Gender Equality pain points and creating ideas for solutions based on the pain points.

Paola Elefante, Digital Scaling Project Manager, Plan International


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